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Health and Wellbeing is Priceless.

Stress erodes your bodyís immune system and general health and over time can create avoidable and unexpected health issues. Along with diet and exercise, massage therapy contributes to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Now more than ever, the stress of daily life requires that we seek an inner peace to compensate for the outer chaos. Itís difficult to obtain a healthy balance with the daily

pressures of career, bills and complicated relationships. Therapeutic massage is the harbor from the chaos.

Massage therapy is not a superficial remedy for stress relief. Therapeutic massage has a direct effect on the activity of the, circulatory, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, and nervous systems. It will stimulate real physical changes with lasting changes to your health and wellbeing.

The benefits of massage have been known for thousands of years. Ancient reference to massage can be found in many civilizations including Japan, Rome, Greece, India, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Biblical references go back as far as c. 493 BC where daily massage with olive oil was a part of the beauty regime of the wives of Xerxes.

By manipulating superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue the massage therapist enhances body function and promotes relaxation and wellbeing. The massage therapist manipulates the body using pressure; stationary, moving, structured or unstructured, combined with tension, motion or vibration. The type of massage and the needs of the client determine the specific tissues the therapist will target for desired effect.

There are over eighty recognized forms of massage. Each offers its own set of benefits in varying degrees. You may want to research some of the more popular forms before deciding on which may be right for you.

improving the world starts with your outlook.

Massage performed by certified therapists will enhance your health and wellbeing. Discover the many benefits of therapeutic massage and the profound improvement it can have on your outlook.

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