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Sports Massage Lancaster
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The men and women of Bella Medspa are a diversified bunch, with varied interests and lifestyles. For our sports enthusiast, we are pleased to offer a Sports Massage at Bella Medspa Massage Therapy of Lancaster. This massage has been specifically crafted for those unique individuals who often overextend themselves physically and mentally in pursuit of their sport.

We, at Bella Medspa Massage Therapy of Lancaster, understand and appreciate the daily sacrifice and diligence of our athletes. Your rigorous training, careful diet, mental discipline and susceptibility to sports injury are just a few of the challenges common to every athlete. You have chosen a difficult course and we are delighted to assist you in pursuing and attaining your commendable aspirations. At Bella Medspa Massage Therapy of Lancaster, we create massage-based treatment sessions that focus on your unique needs specific to your style of training and sport of choice.

The Sports Massage at Lancaster Bella Medspa is recommended either prior to or immediately following an intense physical activity. This vigorous massage uses Swedish Massage, compressions, deep tissue work, cross-fiber friction, and range of motion movement techniques to warm, loosen, and heal tired muscles.

You can expect the following benefits from your Bella Medspa Sports Massage:

  • Improved athletic performance, endurance and mental focus
  • Reduced injury recovery time and injury prevention
  • Improved circulation and the removal of lactic acid buildup and celluar waste

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